Monday, July 04, 2011

 Another exciting week has just started....big order for the workshop meant the arrival of half a truck of handloom yesterday just a small part of what we need to assemble to send to the dyers and then make into fine clothes for one of our clients....the handloom was delivered by the father and sons who wove nice to buy it direct from the hand of the artisan.
 Exciting for us because we also sent off our first bigger order of Pukka Desirables jackets to a new stockist of our products: Mandie of "Ewe give me the Knits" the name of her business- such a quirky sense of humour.

 some of our jackets- it fascinates me how the density of the stitching reaaly changes the hand and look of the finished 'fabric'

 It is early days yet but I am having very excited discussions about teaming up with an Australian to develop a range of ladies clothes with the 40+ age group in of those things that has been on my mind for a while -interesting clothes for a more mature figure...plenty of good young chick stuff around  but, but, but what is there affordable and remarkable for others?
Something I have 'heard' said to me on numerous occasions but have not reponded...usually you only get told once by the Universe...and then this week talking about something totally different it all started falling into place....
I have wanted to find someone to work with - someone with a passion for niiiiiice textiles who is also dead keen on marketing and distribution and all that 'make it happen' stuff....I think I have connected up with the right stay tuned.
I want to quiz people on what do you like to wear- what shape clothes do you find flattering for your body  type- what is your body type?
As we experience life so our bodies become a map for all we have been through- I think that is rather lovely and it is for ever nice to feel lovely in your Grandmother was nearly 90 when she died even though her body was quite frail  by that time she told me that on the inside she still felt just like she when she was younger. I know she and my Grandfather still had a passion for each other...don't think their bodies could express it too much but you would still catch them having a kiss in the kitchen when noone was around [that is such a precious memeory for me by the way- I want to be like that!]
Just because we are Old Chooks does not mean we don't still fancy something Tasty to wear.
 I am starting to calm a little and focus but I have been in almost melt down mode of excitment over possibilities.....designing a range of tasty clothes to flatter me and my mates....with the wealth of possibilities I have here at my doorstep and my very own workshop of blokes who sew realllll fine- wow!!
mud resist indigo dyeing, block print, my Stitching Ladies, my painting of mind is whirling and twirling where to start.....
 I have started by commissioning a print idea from my son Zac....his paintings are endlessly fascinating to me, his eye has a lovley whimsy some days....his stencils would easily translate to mud resist block print to be submerged in wonderful indigo...another layer of colour could come through an over print at my blockprint mates.....handstitch from my Ladies and voila!
perhaps not quite peaceful at the moment but oooohhh so satisfied...stay tuned


Ginny Huber said...

Lots of lovely pieces and wonderfully swirling ideas to combine ,Fiona..I love this kind of creating and will stay tuned!

Helmi said...

Love the printing!