Monday, July 11, 2011

just the usual things...

Happy email this morning, a first big order of jackets has landed and Mandie wrote this to me after she had opened the parcel I burst into tears when I’d finished unpacking it all...So beautiful Fi, glorious colours, and everything has a gorgeous energy. I’m SO thrilled that our paths have crossed.

As a rule I don't like to make people cry, but I do really appreciate her response....Praveen and I are very pleased with ourselves in how far we have come sorting all this out, the women's work is coming along very nicely and when someone opens a parcel and they get that good energy re-enforces thefeeling for us that we are on the right track.
Rather a proud day yesterday as well...I broke out the camel cart to pick up our first big order from the dye man's a friend just pointed out 5 kilometres of does sound a lot when put that way....all stashed everywhere at the workshop and ready to start cutting and transforming into well made clothes for one of our clients.
 The day started very well with an elephant standing at the workshop gate- now as everyones knows that is a bit of good luck- how often do you have an elephant actually standing at your gate?? to arrive was Baba and off we went to collect fabric from our guy.....
Being given a camel and cart for your birthday is a very usuful gift! I hope your day is as satisfying...talks progressing for Tasty Old Chooks' Clothes....Praveen is slowly getting his head around the fact there is affection in there when an Australian says OLD....not just a decriptor that makes him cringe!....he was wondering if that makes him my Old Roost....oh I love that guy, he has such a good ear for picking up language not always spot on but it makes sense,... he can be my Old Roost anyday. :)

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