Friday, July 01, 2011

organizing and organizing...and a little more organizing......

You know some days I feel like I am living in the Myth of Sisyphis- where Sisiphys is always going over similar this case we are constantly working on improving our stitching project practices.
Seems somedays we just get everyone sorted out and they go and do something weird....oh well we will continue.
I think we will do all sewing machine work at the workshop and all hand stitch with the ladies....we were giving the silk blanks used to make the silk jackets to a local lady to stitch the 2 sides together...she started off very carefully but has got a little more out with the measurements with each batch....I have alerted her to the problems and it is sorry madam, sorry madam but no actual improvement to the original quality and sorry does not make the shapes correct.
oooohhhhhhh- why? she wants the work, is very happy doing it.....I simply don't understand it.
 Just realised I have a studio all is outside under the trees next to Baba parking and I am loving using it....I have felt like painting for some time now...was thinking to get canvas to work on but this is satisfying the need quite nicely and making some excellent clothes....
I can see myself heading down the road of a range of clothes for Woman of a Certain Age.... you know Tasty Old Chooks Clothes [for those who need a translator  chook is Australian for Chicken]
I have had so many converstaions over the last year about how hard it is to get interesting clothes for the 40+ years not Ganny clothes.
I am making interesting things for young chicks for one of my clients....and painting away my mind is burbling with all the things I could do for myself....which spread to others as well......and then someone else I am sending an order brought the same idea up again -like how times does the Universe need to talk to you?- must be anbout 6 times now all on the same theme usually you only get the one nudge and need to jump.

Plotting and planning happening....most interested to see where it leads.
Oh Albert Camus wrote and essay looking at the Greek Myth of Sisyphus and concluded
"The struggle enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy."

he is right.

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