Sunday, July 17, 2011

Indian food....

Indian so yummy,
if you choose the right things it is so healthy....even the stuff that is fried is freshly made that day from fresh, fresh, fresh ingredients, fresh spices and lots of care and showmanship.
 Praveen and I were up in Delhi to do a visa thing for moe....last step to have residency proof, the man on the phone said it was really easy rock up between 10 and 12 drop off papers and then a stamp goes into your passport, pick up at 5.00pm that same day. SSSSSSSSSSSsssssoooooo easy it made me nervous and I asked about 5 times - are you sure that is all??
yes madame no problems and do you know I think it will be that easy once I do one little thing, make an on-line appointment to lodge those papers....ahhhh India!!! always something.
So Praveen and I abandoned that ship and went shopping and exploring for our business.
What fun, we have established clients so there were details we wanted to fill in on supplies for them and we are thinking about  designs for Tasty Clothes for Old we wanted to see what is around that we could add into our dreamings.....
First food,
we have just had lunch at the workshop- boy what a treat it is everyday. Everyone shares what is in their lunch box and we make fresh chapatitis to go with it...Papu is a particularly hungry fellow and he eyes off everyone opening up with glee to see what there is...with good cause we have been able to brag we have the best thali [Indian for mixed plate] in the country- some days 5 or 6 mouthwatering vegatables and dals to enjoy for lunch....last week was comical though, we have made bhindi [okra or ladies fingers you might know it as] and so had Papu's wife, and so had Shankar's wife and so had Padam's wife....yes a feast of bhindi.
Today it was the day of green chillis- Papu's wife makes an excellent stuffed green chilli, which I am trying to mimic, so my attempt was what I brought with us today, Papu had the original in his lunch box and Padam had a spiced green chill vegetable, three versions in one meal will certainly clear the sinuses and then there was a green chilli pickle.
We are all getting along very well at work but this is becoming a bit crazy.....
You know we have won a lot of browny points with the staff because we eat with them- most Indian bosses would not- they must be crazy, the chat is always fun and the variety of food is fabulous.

Photo above is a quick snack Praveen and I had whilst shopping in Delhi- this is Indian fast food at it's best. Paranthas [wholemeal flour freshly made breads stuffed with various vegetables] served with a variety of vegatable curries and chutneys. This comes from a famous little alley way in Old Delhi - Parantha Alley, the vegatables were as good as the paranthas- pumkin curry, potato and onion curry, mixed veg in a tomato sauce, and fresh mint chtney and the piece de resistance an imli [tamarind ]chutney with a slice of fresh banana floating in it. Scoop that up with a parantha filled with chopped green chillis and you are in heaven!!
 Then the rest of the day was as pleasing for us....I always use shell buttons on my clothes and have never seen them in was feeling a little lost what to think of for buttons -yes I know there are millions of other options but shell buttons have always seemed so special to me- a little of the magic of listening in a sea shell somehow and discovering the sound of the sea....well as they say In India anything is possible and we found some! as well as all these interesting little dangly things we might add into the finish one one of our clients magical coats....
 fabulous little shop in Old Delhi's Chadni Chowk area....
Exhausted by the end of the day, blisters on our feet and mountains of satisfaction- learning our business and where to source things a little better every day.
Live away from a functioning Yellow Pages and you start to realise what a valuable resource that is- here we have to physically look for things and poke our noses into shops to see what they have....still doing it together is fun- cheers
off to see our Stitching Ladies jackets will be ready to be assembled tomorrow- yeh!!

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