Monday, July 18, 2011

sometimes, just sometimes I would like to be in OZ

Missing my boys and missing my mates is a constant little twitch in the background but actually being in Australia is not a part of that...Oh yeh sure I would like to be able to use the Yellow Pages some days and find things but on the whole here is so much home and the excitment of the chase is compensation for the trickiness of finding things.
and what i really wish is that my boys and my mates could be here .....
One thing I would be interested in being in Oz for is the starting Forum of the Sangam Project- the Australia India Design Project. Starting Forum is this Thursday in Melbourne, if you go please let me know what you thought. Details on where are in this link
This project is aimed towards fascilitaing Australian designs ustilizing the skills and traditions of Indian Artisans in a fair and equitable manner...sounds good.
Sometimes it would be just wonderful to brainstorm with others who have had similar experiences.  In our part of the  desert Praveen and I are the only crazies thinking and working this way....some days it is not easy, some days it is thrilling, there is so much still to learn and we are always scambling along trying to catch the nuances of what is happening, wondering how to inspire the people we work with to put their heart into it like we do so we have something really wonderful to sell, which is for all our benifit.
The vidoe is a little bit of fun....I was asked to make an introduction of myself for the Forum and we were playing around and made this for the Ladies to see....we always have a lovely warm feeling after a visit to the Ladies of this village- good women.

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Ginny Huber said...

Sweet post, FIona! Love the spirit of the video and it shows a lot about your life there!