Saturday, July 23, 2011

one must take time to smell the roses....

Or whatever is offered up, once again the week has just disappeared and friday Stitching Lady session jumped on us....this week we have a huge pile of pieces to make into jackets and a few people to post to...we are runing like crazy but I have been trying to saviour moments on the run - so to speak. I was never good at meditation in a stationary sense but working in the garden or laying wool out to make felt had a similar reviving and centring effect for me.
So I figure conciously appreciating things and savouring the moment even as I am moving on past is kind of my kinetic way of taking time to smell the roses. 
This week has had numerous small pleasures
  • at the dye man's sorting out our order, watching the cloth dry in the breeze
  • seeing Praveen act like a big kid and ride the camel cart to the dyeman's
  • really this one started last week when I got a copy of an English patchwork magazine featuring a design by my mate in the UK Anne...I sent her some of our block fabric ages ago and she turned it into some wonderful pillows, then she used the scraps to make a house warming pillow for Praveen and I- appropriately showing all the firworks of Divalli....very nice- well it has been published  as a bag and she very kindly managed to get a plug in for our Pukka Components Blockprint Fat took me until this week to sit still for 10mins and a cup of tea and savour her work and accomplishment
  • no pictures but the most beautiful image....4 old shepards from out west, big silver handlebar moustaches, bright, bright red or orange turbans, skinny legs sticking out of their longis herding along 20 oe 30 small white donkeys all laiden with full panniers carry 5 or 6 new born lambs bleating away....sooo sweet
  • the cratter of sadness up near the bus stand eminating from all who noticed a mother monkey and her baby not surviving a confrontaation with a passing bus....driving along you could identify all who had seen it, they were  Langurs often seen as an animal representaion of the God Hanuman greatly honoured for his loyalty and devotion to Rama. It was so sad and yet so beautiful to see so many people could be moved by such a thing.
  • pleasures of stitching and making things and making them well....putting our heads together and working how to make the work better, easier to put together and replicable
  • the fine handwork from some our Stitching Ladies, this week has been win win with all that has been handed in- a very good week and pleasure
  • Praveen and I had a serious brainstorming last night and have nutted out the first 2 block print designs we want carved and then how we will get Nandu-ji to print them, the Ladies to add stitch to them and the Old Chooks Clothes look that will be adorned with them....
  • cuddling our cow Matilda, she is the most delightful affectionate cow, if she could she would snuggle up on your lap as it is she satisfies herself with licking you half to death.
  • feeding Chortu [HE it has been confirmed] our Indian Star Tortoise
  • noticing today everytime we mentioned going to see Nandu-ji our blockprint lady a few spots of rain would fall...we have a date to print tomorrow so expect a good shower to happen and slow that down...magical
  • ahh life is good- enjoy the little things :)

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