Saturday, July 30, 2011

our pets

Special day today- New Moon and workshop is closed, for us this is the first one we have actually been able to take a holiday on...every other full moon or new moon when we were closed we have had a mountain of work to it was a slow morning sitting around drinking tea and then Ranjit turns up with 2 goats for us

 They are so cute- the boy will be Spot
 and the little girl Honey- I love goats they are so cute, these 2 are quite friendly and cuddly....don't know if we need them but boy it is nice to have them here....
 More and more Praveen has relaxed into being a country boy, he has no fondness for camels since he was 5 and the one he was riding bolted on him, but of late he has been getting more into the great outdoors and so a few nights ago organized a staff picnic...these guys help at home in various ways [although Ranjit is mostly a workshop boy these days] Rangit grew up 2 villages down from us and had never riden a camel so we threw him on Baba whilst we behaved like lord and lady muck in the camel cart....I must say a camel cart with matresses in the back is the only way to travel---sssssoooooo romantic, pity this is India and you can't even hold hands in public!

 local village across the fields from our place
 the good thing about taking the staff with us was that we just had to sit back and relax....I might even be able to get used to this....
and a fire in the night always look amazing.
I have loaded a photo album onto facebook if you want to see more village shots.
Here is a whinging camel this morning getting an infected scratch cleaned- isn't he pathetic?
My poor Baba...soon as Saun stopped though, he was back to his usual inscrutable self- funny fellow.

Our free day had been great- we had a wonderful talk this morning and planning session for what we are doing...we are loving the workshop and hatching new designs and that will be our focus, we are going to stop the idea of a Bed and Breakfast and doing Cooking classes. We do have a spare room for use by family, friends and friends of friends so you are welcome to come and stay but we are not activiley going to seek visitors/ clients to stay. Cooking good food, and my interest in trying out regional cuisines and Praveen's in eating what I cook will continue so expect the odd new recipe as ever.
Studio is still here and we are happy to take groups to play textiles, our lovely tours will continue because we love them and we have to do the research for them [something in the South of France is in the pipeline...] but mostly we are going to play in our workshop.
hmmmmmm a big satisfaction.


Arlenesfelt said...

Good for you, seeking that satisfaction. More and more I am feeling that way too.

Good video, thanks!

catsmum said...

Can I ask if Spot has been wethered ? If not, you may not find him so cute once your girlie comes on heat and he starts peeing on his face [ which is one of the reasons why I just keep does ]

Chris Lines said...

Well, at least I am glad that you are continuing with your tours because I plan to do your Rajasthan tour one day -maybe next year, we shall see how things go here. There is the catch 22 of the job - need the money to afford the tour-can't go on the tour because of the job!