Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Overcast still...

Monsoon was late to come and now it is late to puts you in a funny feeling in the wishes department....truthfully I am sick of it I want to be able to paint cloth and get blockprint and dyeing done in a timely fashion but I did not want to wish that as for the locals the rain is imprtant, so though for everyone it has reached the stage of wishing the rains would stop so grain can ripen properly and beans/ lentils dry out....much more of this rain andthey will rot on the plants.
So wishing like crazy "Rain, rain go away, come back another day"
 It has been months and months but finally Praveen has preveiled upon the painter to turn up- he is sorting out the back 2 rooms and whitewashing the big courtyard.
I love out terrace out here, we sit for a while most evenings and the old comncrete on the walls has bloomed with grey patterns- to my eyes it looks nocely old and interesting but I know it has been driving Praveen by the time Diwali comes this year our trees will be full of lights and the courtyard will be blindingly white!
Our one sinple stamp on the visa saga is almost complete. The stamp has been authorized...finally but for some reason the authorization papae has been sent to the Dlehi Office not our local office in the different state of Rajasthan.....will be a little pickle sorting out who will stamp, where but it is not as pressing as having the stanp authorised in the first place was.....whew!

rain, rain go away PPPLLLEEAASSSSSEE, have a nice sunny day where ever you are :)

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Ginny Huber said...

Glad you got the stmap..or that the stamp has been done!
And, hope the rains stop soon.