Saturday, September 10, 2011

perhaps, just perhaps....

Perhaps, just perhaps things are changing....why do things seem to happen fast yet change comes so slowly.....often you are trying, trying trying and then you notice things are different....
I have been watching the weather wondering when it was going to change, the garden is starting to resembel triffods and I am getting worried it will swalloe the house!
This is chawla or black eyed peas growing in the home garden, soon they will be ready to harvest and lay out on the terrace to dry and store for use through the year....

This is the view from the back door to the kitchen - you can barley see the Baba House at the end with all that lovely Gwafal growing- this is a camels favourite food [and camels are very picky eaters would you belive!], we are going to dry it and make chaff and it should feed for quite some months.

 Around the edge we popped in Sesame seeds to grow- no anilmals like that plant so it would deter marading animals from getting into our fields and will give us an extra crop.
 These photos were taken at 7.00am in the morning, I needed a flash...that is how overcast it has been.....usually it would be bright, bright sunshine by then.
 Even Chortu had to have breakfast in the dark which was most confusing for him as he likes to sleep in.
 And then yesterday I woke up we had bright blue in the sky, Ohh boy is that lovely I have never appreciated clouds when they choke out the blue.....there was a real change to the atmosphere and many birds arriving back in the area from their migrations......I think changes are happening.
and to top all that off I actually got to start the printing for Tasty Old Chooks almost rained when I went to Nandu but did not actually...I would guess we could say the monsoon is starting to pull back.....of course we will really appreciate it by the time it comes around again next year [Oh please do come!]

Birds are crazy and raucous out there this morning- I am off to greet the day.

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