Sunday, October 23, 2011

Going too fast

 Our tour is going great.....really the only problem is it seems to be going too fast!
We have such pleasnt company and wonderful places to be....I could do with more cruising.
It makes me realise we need to make changes when we get home, make sure we create more pockets of chill out time.

 These images were from many days ago and we have packed so much Jodhpur Fort a music festival was in full swing so it was full of colourful musicians from across the State as well as the usual great loction to look at.
 Then we hit bangle all are now suitably attired with arm loads of glittery bangles.....ohh what a difference it makes to your day to have bling to celebrate it in.
 So many pictures..
 The serenity of the temples at Ranakpur....
 So lucky to see a breeding pair of the rae Sarus Crane when driving through the countryside. Beautiful birds who mate for life, very romantic.
A little Fort to call home and out to jeep safari.....
as you can see many things to appreciate and enjoy.
We had a call on the home front yesterday...of course not all is going as smoothly when we are away.....I can see big changes coming with our workshop when we get back.
It is interesting there are those type of people who do the right things and get on with their job and there are those who talk big and a really rather a  pain in the .....don't really want to have my time wasted by them so perhaps alittle weeding will be necessary soon.....oh the joys of running a business.
Staying focused on the job at a big jump back to Jaipur and this evening a night of pleasure dining out and elephant rides!.....all good day to look forward to.
many more pictures on this link
I hope you have as many laughs as we will today :)

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