Thursday, October 20, 2011

on the road again....

On the road again, and boy have I forgotten how much fun Praveen and I have on tour.
The last 2 years I have had to leave him home to look after hotels and of course I missed him.
We have a group of stars with us [notice them in movie star mode here in a tuk tuk] and life is such fun.

 The gang at the blockprinters, Praveen is our everyone giggling with something he said and one of our ladies is used to getting sailors straightening up for photographs- she had us all nicely arranged in no time.
Old friends can be people, but having visited places we love for so long even some places become re-experience a feeling that made you decide to place them on the list in the first place. Here is a step has a feeling of solitutde but also a slightly Escher egde becasue of the design and painting- I don't quite no how to describe it....not scary but a little disconcerting because of the depth, steepness and moving lines.....oh no they don'y really move you just feel they do at least when you turn your eyes none of that makes sense you have to see them for yourself!
Much more has happened but that is it for the day....we are in the most beautiful old home/ hotel and I am off to luxuriate for a while before breakfast is served....
enjoy your day, embrace all it has to offer....we will be!!

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