Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A lovely surprise came in the mail yesterday....a while ago Jane and her mates purchased some of  our stitched squares to amke a gift for a they are turned into a lovely quilt.
On her blog she writes most charmingly of her artistic experiences

Lovely surprise I feel like a proud Mama seeing where our work goes....and I love quilts so cosy to snuggle under.
Weather here is starting to become crisp in the morning so we will be able to use a bed sheet soon and a quilt for a few weeks later in the winter....such a nice change to fans and sweat.

Last day of our tour today....we had a party on our roof top last night
 Our Princess had a major birthday [Praveen has trouble with foreign names and so this trip seemed to evolve a collection of nicknames we have all started using]
So it was an extra excuse for lots and lots of fireworks and cake and fun.
Don't know how he does it but come a birthday Praveen can arrange a cake with name on it at the drop of a hat! Always gives him such pleasure as well.
Off to get ready for anotherfun day....and an early return to the hotel as Divali will make the streets wild and some of our guests and worrying over packing their bags and getting every treasure to fit in.
Fun, fun, fun.
Happy Diwali to you. May the Festival of Lights bring closure to any problems of this last year and open dorrways to a new year of happiness and prosperity.

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Paula said...

I think I spy Princess Denise as the birthday girl and Princess No-a-lene letting off the fireworks?! I can imagine how much laughing you're all doing. Envious I'm not there too. Have fun on your last day together.