Sunday, October 09, 2011

the up side and the down side-ohh and where should one focus?

In Delhi- just sent off one group - our private tour for Ozzie teachers and we are starting our Creative Arts Safaris tour today.
We think all things are in place, have done our double, triple checking and praying to any God we can think of.
We were feeling rather perky with the last group and I think they had a great big experience of India, mostly positive but as you should almost expect here....a slight problem madame occured. Our most efficient hotel really had a room allocation malfunction. Unbelievable!!and poor Praveen was alone to try and look after the group leader who was understandably upset.
I don't know what it is here and organization- if there is a way to make a good system fail people seem to jump at it....and if you can make it so complicated it becomes unwieldly - dive in there. When dealing with customers - basically they are always right. If there is a glitch and you tell them there is a good chance you can resolve it...try and sweep things under the mat and people get upset.
Ohh well my grumble for the morning. We ahve whinged to everyone and the owner, hopefully they can improve their act.
Our problem is the area is great for groups to start out in India- interesting street life, ATMs and metro near by.....
A friend sent me this in an email a few weeks ago and I use the quote to myself quite often....seems very true.

Just saw the most fantastic looking movie trailer for an upcoming movie called The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - or something like that.
My son showed me it on the weekend on his Apple.
Stars Judy Dench and Maggie Smith, Bill Nighey and other well known English actors.-- I'm a bit of a groupie for Maggie and Judy.
They all go to INDIA. and it shows some of their trials and triumphs.
Looks great.
One quote in the movie goes something like - "In India, everything will be OK in the end - so if it is not OK then it is not the end"
See if you can get it on your computers.

I suppose the tricky part is we have re-incarnation here and so it could take a wee while to get to the end....
oh thoughts for the day.
Off to visit some magnificent temples, Ghandi memeorial and i have a real treat for our textile enthusiasts this afternoon- evene bigger that I thought. The Gods are being kind...will show pictures tomorrow of things to set you salivating and finger twitching with "I want"

Happy days to you


Evelyn said...

Oh how I wish I had been able to join this tour! Love the quote and the movie looks excellent.

Vireya said...

I think the English film has stolen the quote from the Indian film, "Om Shanti Om", starring Shahrukh Khan. The quote in English is, "Life is like a film, it always has a happy ending and if there is no happy ending it means that the film is not over yet."

Funny you should mention re-incarnation, as that is part of the twist in Om Shanti Om. The happy ending takes until the next incarnation!