Tuesday, October 04, 2011

oh India or Ohhh Rajasthan

Just last week I was thinking to myself, things are going well this year- electricity is only off the designated times and when it is on it is full power- not bad.
Staring a week ago we went back to blackouts most of the time , even at our workshop which is suppposed to be on regular supply we have been using the very noisy generator 4 to 8 hours a day----oooohhhhh so horrible that is.
and now at home when power comes it is at brown out levels- not actually strong enough to make your iron hot or turn the light on in the fridge.
And the reason for all this? the Rajasthan Govt doesn't have enough money to pay the power bill and so the power company is cutting supply!!
On the good side of this is that the loud speakers a local temple uses to sing religious songs AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL night long for Navratam don't work. When we have power and they do work there is no use me answering the telephone I can not hear what people are saying and I also don't sleep the singing then a stop as people catch their breath before they start again constantly wakes me up.
 On the fun side of life - we have organized a private textile tour for a group of Textiles teachers fro Australia...it was so lovely to hang out with them for 2 days in Pushkar- just hear Ozzie voices and the wicked ozzie humor- very good fun.
we all jumped on camels for camels safari one night and the next night when the ladies were at our place for cooking class and dinnerthey kindly tried on some of our samples for Tasty Old Chooks Clothes and critiqued them.
It was such a buzz for Praveen and I to see our clothes on real live people and to hear their comments

The fabric used in many of the samples are not the prints we are going to run with but the shapes are mostly tweaked now and the first production run will start at the end of this week when the big order we have been working on is all finished packed and sent.....oh our workshop is burbling along nicely.
Running out the door on Thursady to meet Praveen in Delhi - his 12 ladies will have departed [boy is it funny when people around here say where is Praveen and I say he has left, run off with 12 ladies!]
Praveen has been looking after this first group and we will do the next tour togther- so it will be like a little holiday for us. Even though we do take our work seriously we always have a good time as well, and this is as close as we are going to get to a holiday for some time yet.
ohh life is busy but it is also fun....after all it is only what you make it isn't it?

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