Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On Tour

On tour and how happy I am, for the last 2 years we have had to divide our resourses and Praveen has looked after hotels while I have gone off on tour. This year we have left our workshop and animals at home and run away to gether on tour.
All I can say is I love our tours, this is what we devised together and it is such a joy to look after them together.
Such fun, and visiting old friends like Akshadham again to see how the gardens have grown and theincredible beauty of the building is settling in. Only a few years old built by 11000 hands this temple is a modern wonder.

 We have a wonderful group to share our delights with and so all is going along joyously.....ohh what a day at the office  BIG SMIL!!!!

 Amber Fort the place of the accountants is as serene and mysterious as ever.
 notice the light dancing up the ridge beyond the tower.
 blockprint and mud fun....I will wash the clothes today to reveal all their Indigo gloriuosnous [is that a word? - it should be]

 I was mesmerized by this huge coper pot in the yard- would not fit in my pocket though.
 Here is Om-ji , our print master and our gang, except Praveen he is photographer.
My favourite step-well....
and off to new horizens today- yippee :)
May your day be as joyous wonder comes in all shapes and sizes- far, far away or at home.

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Tiggy Rawling said...

Hi there, I check out your blog every so often when I need an Indian Fix!

Delighted to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel mentioned. We stay in this haveli and know the owners, so it was interesting to see what the film crew had achieved. We were there a few days after the shoot.

Almost time to pack the bags again. India here we come (again).