Saturday, October 29, 2011

life on the farm

Returned home to find a lamp still burning for Diwali, so thoughtful of our burns a candle at this time so the Goddess Laxmi might find her way into your home and life....she is the bringer of prosperity.
Just driving home I could smell enormous changes have taken place in the last 2 weeks.....all moisture from the monsoon has now gone, dust is rising and starting to dance and it has turned chilly of an evening....for the first time since last March I can actually feel my skin prickled with the cool air and need to wrap a light cotton shawl around my shoulders in the morning until the sun rises.
What a lovely change it makes although is has been so long to have this sensation it is a bit weird.
All our crops are harvested and stood up to dry, the majority od what we produced is Baba the camel food

 How is this for a lovely tractor- just right for turning it all to chaff.
 Baba smiling as he over sees events.
Hard and dusty work....I piked it and stayed inside.
It was new moon yesterday so our workshop was closed, after a day of trying to catch up and sort a few things out I am ready to dive in and see what has been happening....should have some of the first runs of Tasty Old Chooks Clothes to inspect, some handbags for Pukka Desirables and I am not sure what else ....
More pictures from the last tour on this link- now we are home it is time to plan for next year...interesting little discoveries we made this year to fit in, tweaks here and there....Diwali and the Pushkar Camel Fair to dance around, both make accomodation hard to find....back to the drawing baord....
Sujani embroideries on this link....we met up with Sanju from the women's co-operative to see what they had made this last year and make plans to visit the co-operative next year and actually meet the women who do this wonderful work....a little adventure to look forward to. This year I got more of an insight into their process, a few of the women are more adept at drawing than others so they will originate a design relating to something that has caught their eye....thye may then use this design to make a number of repeats...each with its own individual quirks or someone else may use it - again twisting it a little to their hand.
Sun will rise soon so time to toddle off and greet a new day- may yours be full of warmth and happiness

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