Monday, October 31, 2011

running, running, running

I think that is a theme enjoyed the cruise of touring and had definietly planned to incorporate more of that in everyday life....but might be loosing it already.
There is so much to get into- interesting things I don't like to put aside for later....
I have a batch of padded reversable silk jackets on special order, one of our Waterfall jackets in a larger size to make as a special gift for my clients friend- how nice is that.
The good thing with our workshop is we can make to order as long as people have patience as things handmade do take time.
Been painting grafitti fabric again for youth hoodies etc....time to show someone hat to do there- my hands start to hurt after a few hours....
have also been tinkering in my neglected garden...oooohhh I do like to be home.
Tour is just a fond memeory...whilst on it we also shared memeories of other traveling companions and wished they were again with us [you guys know who you are- a big hello from us all] is lovely overlapping loops a lot of the time isn't it?
enjoy :)

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KerryFelter said...

Fiona, love the silk jackets. What colours??? How much? They are stunning. Hope you are all well in Pushkar :)