Saturday, November 05, 2011


I turned 50 yesterday....I must say I don't see what the fuss is.
My life started with the birth of my third child, just as I turned 30.
I ran away from home with my 3 little boys becuase I had decided it was not normal to be treated like rubbish, to spend every day in fear, to see your children know just things, that up until that moment I had thought was normal.
Anyway things started to change from then on for me...I realised if I wanted a different life, the only one stopping me was me.
I needed to realise what I wanted to change and then shift things in myself to allow it to come through....I now have 3 wonderful young men around me, a great daughter-in-law, some of the best mates one could hope for and a wonderful the last 20 years the world has transformed into a wondeful place and I am grateful for each and every birthday.


Vireya said...

जन्मदिन मुबारक हो! For yesterday, anyway. But I always think you should celebrate a birthday for as long as you possibly can.

Evelyn said...

Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Sue Dennis said...

Happy Birthday- 50 is great- having been there & done that!

joni cornell said...

Very moving to read Fiona. So glad life has turned for the better and there are so many things for which to express gratitude. You deserve all the good in the world.
A belated happy birthday.