Sunday, November 06, 2011

Camel Fair 2012

I have a real affection for camels and it has well and truely been fed by a wander around the Pushkr Camel Fair yesterday....silly me got carried away and was ringing Praveen to hassle him about bringing babies was joking like that that decided him on bringing Baba home for me last year!
This is our friend Lala all decked out for best dressed camel....only thing I recognize is his smile!
Lots more camels photos in this album

 Look at the embroidery on his camel blanket- all needle turned applice and embroidery work.....truelyu amazing.
 and serious tassles.....hmmmm need to get working and make some thing fitting for Baba to wear next year.
 Praveen organized a picnic for my birthday- Indian style means we needed 2 camle carts and drivers, and someone to cook the dal and chappati....all so simple really.....and fun.
We  have 2 Ozzie mates here at the moment, one, Maree is on her first visit to us in Pushkar...I have known her for many years on Oz and it is such a pleasure to have her visit. Here she keeps getting a reality jolt- here she is in my place and there is a camel watching us eat dinner....we wander up my raod and there is a camel normal the world feels all over and then you pop and notice such big differences....

 Later he had a wonderfully rich chocolate birthday cake- what a treat..
 Ohh I nearly came unstuck over these guys, they are just little babies, all black and woolie and I really wanted them....even rang Praveen tosee if he could come and pick up up....we could start a real camel farm?
and then, and then....and then there were many camels around the water.....really if you are going to have camels you need this many- they are such amazing creatures....old camel herders are wonderful characters as well.
We bought new bells for Baba, as well as a nose flower, bells for Matilda the cow....need collars for our goats and we will be all set, so another visit to the fair .....past those baby camels....ohh I want, I want

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joni cornell said...

Beautiful intelligent. The colors of those embroideries are marvelous...