Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I am still obsessing over camels, they are the most fascinating creatures and being in camel central at the moment really has me wanting to bring baby camels back home.Camel Pics
 Look at Baba in borrowed finery....too much for me but it does have the antique rug undernearth which is superb.....
 Teasing Praveen, look at all the camels they got to take home.....I know this is a little silly because he just might buy me a few babies if I do it often enough......good or bad idea???
 Been catching up with Stitching Ladies....this gfroup we have not seen for nearly 2 months, - first someone died so they could not work and then we were away....very happy to see us today so they will have rupees in their pockets to go off to the Camel Fair....it was lovely to see everyone again and , one lady Keiran who we have had serious talks with about stitching quality....you know up to the absolute last chane type of thing just handed in beautiful work.
Don't understand why some try to dish up garbage until you are going to cut them off....and others put full efforts in from the start? It is tiring...still I suppose bright side is we have got there.

 This is our Keirn, just seen her work and it has passed muster.

 This is a different village and it has been dreamy to work with from the start.....sitting amongst mountains of rose petals might help. These ladies are poor, the state of their house says a lot, but they still have their gardens and water....they seem more relaxed with life and their work has been concentrated and well done from the start.
The first village lost their water 15 to 20 years ago and so have been doing it tough.....we know they really need the work more than any others we work with yet they have been harder to get on the right path....we do love them and have persisited and are happy with our present status, just interesting how it has come about.
Lots more lovely lady pics on this album....an old mate of mine from Oz is the photographer, she has a long association with Inida in the south, this is her first visit up here to us...it is lovely having someones else's eyes and comments on how we are going with our work...helps put it in perspective for us.
Our work is very rewarding but by no means easy some days. We have learnta lot at creating clear boundaries and guide lines [ just like raising kids] and things are running much more smoothly, which affords us the opportunity for a lot more laughs and jokes to be woven into the process.
Our work is imbued with happy energy, which is an important part of the process for us.

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It breaks my heart with longing for india!!!