Thursday, March 01, 2012

excitment yesterday

 Madly busy day, doing lots and waiting for my very good mates from Leicester to arrive....all day there was a bubble of excitment in my belly.
Hung out with Nandu for a while helping with the printing, posted this picture of my current "most favourite block" wanted to thank Julie S for the inspiration....this is on a dhoki khadi- lovely subtle texture...had thought I would add layers of colour over it but liked the simple black and white - new dress here it comes!
 Nandu's next door neighbour wanted her photo taken...everyone thinks it amazing a while woman would spend the day printing....dahhh- we are all the same, if you don't work, you don't eat! I suppose it is just that other side of the fence thinking.... other people have it easier, other people have more money....other people.... darling we are all the same- you just dress nicer!
 Working on handloom for block print fat quarters...I only do the simple prints-I leave the complex ones to the master.
 Look what happened to Baba yesterday. Sohan the young man who looks after him borrowed a razor to give him a hair cut!! First Punk Rock Camel I have seen- by the way Baba had his head cocked he thought he was really cool.
 My mate Anne, has been working on some designs using Pukka Components to make Bag Kits so last night was the first show and tell, spilling a mountain of samples out of her bag for us to paw.
 VVVVEeerrrrrrrrrryyy nice
Anne often has articles in magazines ...we keep supplying her with some of our fabrics and sparkles because I love to see what she will come up with next. She is a very clever girl.
And we have her and her husband here with us for the week!! yippeee, they are my home away from home in England and have always been a warm homely haven when I have been on the road. It is so nice to be able to welcome them here with the same warmth.
happy day to you :)

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