Saturday, March 24, 2012


Just heard from my mate again, inside Syria. He is literally risking his life to write....people mostly did belive in the government thinking slow reform better than what might be and have become so upset with what is happening.
Their money, money that was apparently being put aside to help Palestinians etc is being used to buy bullets to shoot their own people.

Mostly people are TOO SCARED to talk, like the old days of the regime. Too scared to talk to each other, too scared to talk to observers, to scared to stand up and be counted or be shot which is more likely to happen.
Why do these things happen, why do people beat up on each other?
It is a beautiful place, just like your place or mine- what makes some people bullies and murderers and others not?
Pray for them, shout out for their pain- who can you talk to help change things- what can we all do to change the world?
It is probably like eating an elephant- one bite at a time.
Watch how you behave, spread a little kindness in the world, pray for those trapped in situations that they may find a way to say enough is enough and survive the process of change.

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