Wednesday, June 20, 2012

picnic Pushkar style

 Still got the boys on holidays with us- all is going well...they don't want to go home and as you can see do seem to be fitting into country life pretty well.

 New Moon yesterday and workshop closed so decided to head out for a picnic, camel cart packed and loaded up, Mohit was up on top of Baba and as you can see Baba was feeling very happy to be heading out.

 some of the gang...
 Baba learnt a new trick yesterday- begging at the picnic mat. It started off with him sitting next to us so he would not wander off. He was on chapati watch and so trying to look as cute as possible.
Praveen tried hom on a spicy snack biscuit thinking he would say no....but boy he had found a new favourite.
For a camle who used to look at one and all so disdainfully he has really changed.
He tried namkin [spicy snack biscuits], spiced peanuts, chapatti and finally licked a few plates and finished off the left over dal.
all really nice as far as he was concerned and he was not complaining about crumbs of choclate cake either....such a nice friendly camel.
Good fun :)

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