Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Usual 100 things

The Usual 100 things to do....Praveen and the boys brought felt with them and we have been madly cutting and packing kits for Gillian Travis....we are at thye stage of final co-ordination of a new project...some of the things you should have thought of in retrospect but did not realsie at the time have come along and bitten us [ like our usual label guy told us he could get bags for packing when we wanted them, then we wanted them and his connection had gone on holidays....well I was rather loud about BBBUUUTTT you promised and good guy that he is he scurried around and scurried around and had to go to Delhi himself but  he managed to get them] good on him....then something similar but not so easily fixed happened with the felt for wadding....

 Well finally we have a whole heap here and ready to send and more following...they will be great- these are her samples using Nandu's blockprinted fabrics...ohh maybe I should get a kit and make some up as a gift to Nandu- it would be nice for her to see and end result.
Originals, like the ones with which she won and award at the Festial of Quilts a few years back.
So at the moment it is a mad scramble sorting out loose ends, posting, groaning why was I impulsive and say Oh yeh we can do a kit for you, I am sure Gillian is at the other end "why did I think this was a good idea?"
Soon all will be sorted and ready to go and be able to look back and say whew- Did that!. Yeh :)

 We also have a yound Australian Designer Dylan of Black Wattle Designs visiting us, this is the third range we will have worked on for Dylan and his first visit to our workshop. It is so much easier paying aorund with our heads togther rather than trying to work through emailed instructions. Although his instructions have always been clear and concise this takes a lot of worry out of it for me and adds to the excitment for him.
Love what we are making for him- exciting young designs.
The guys in the workshop have had a bit of a giggle, when we have been working on designs in the past- they are always thinking how huge they are and Praveen and I keep saying just for normal Australian boys...here is Papu trying on a pair Dylan has just worn and OKed-every one was in fits of laughter.

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