Saturday, June 30, 2012

workshop humming along

 We have been having a great week in our workshop- Dylan of Black Wattle Designs is exciting as a client to work with-I have very much enjoyed watching his design skills develop over the last 3 years, now we do wait in anticipation to see what the next range will unveil.
He is also a lovley young man about the same age as my boys, so the Mum side of me is a little boysick [you know homesick but not for the home rather the inhabitants of the old home] for my lads- I do like the banter and energy of that age group.
 Mum side of me is working over time really I am really proud of our guys in the workshop as well- the work they are turning out is fined tuned and quality- half the guys are on a velevt project for another person- looking good and then samples are happening. really good to see the focus and clear work they are doing...our little gang is maturing nicely.
At the same time my head is swimming plottong and planning with our distributor in Australia Jennifer Hyland - we are tweaking what we are doing and also trying to stay focused and work on new ideas one at a time- ig problem there is that we are both bursting with new ideas and so pelased to have someone to work at them with. Some amaizing things coming along under her label and new ideas in the Pukka arena....ohhh happy, happy.
I do have to pick up the pace a little though and sort out the packing for our Pukka Components Bag Kits- almost ready, just lack of time on my part to find the final fabric so i can assemble them- whew!!
and it is sssssssssssssssssooooo hot, waiting for the relief on Monsoon rains to come, the heat is really heavy.
Still would not want to be anywhere else, except perhaps for an hour or so for a few boy hugs and banter. Waiting for September -Praveen and I have work in Australia and the absolute pleasure of attending our eldest boy's wedding , and then a few days later my best mate's daughter's wedding [almost neice- we love he so much] - ohh yeh!! bring it on :)

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