Sunday, July 01, 2012


We have trying to catch up with Karlu's Mum for a week or so now, with out hounding her.
Finally last night she came over for a visit, very teary for everyone. She apologized for avioding us, saying everything reminded her of Karlu and she could not face it. Poor, poor must go on. She needs a friendly helping hand, and there are younger siblings to think of so we sat a while and talked.
We want to help her but also feel the need to be sensitive about how to do this. We don't want to set up false expectations, much has fallen onto her shoulders and she will need to be strong as well to get along.
Really her circumstances as as hard as you can imagine for a woman alone with younger kids in a poor rural community.
Not to say there are not others around in farily similar circumstances.
We have now been able to set up an account at a local shop to cover their food for each month.
To take some of the burden off us, we have said this comes through an Australian lady who has visited us and remebered Karlu as a fine lad and was saddened to hear what had happened. This is almost true- many people have expressed their sadness at this event and some have kindly sent some money to help out.
We have asked for this to be kept quiet in the community, so we don't have a long line of stories at the back door asking...
More of the story as it unfolds. Karlu's Mum is named Soni, he has 2 younger sisters, Maya and Kavita [aged around 14 and 16 Mum thinks] and a younger brother Anil aged about 10. It is hard for me to gauage because they are all small for their age if the ages are true. We were asking about school, the two youngest go Kavita and Anil. Maya is unable to attend school as she is not well enough.
Maya has  a liver problem, and is in need of an operation. They have been to the government hospital where most of the treatment would be free but they have to supply medications etc needed. Apparently they have to apy for 2 pints of blood for the operation to go ahead...details are a little unclear.  They family had no money for this to happen so she rests at home. There is a local doctor who is very good and will help local people free of charge, so we will take them next week to see him and ask his help to sort this out.
Talking to Mum we said we would supply theirmonth's groceries [ no ciggarettes or anything not food- their is a drunken Uncle that lurks around...he was sniffing aorund for money when Praveen gave money to help with the funeral and we want to make sure he can not pressure her for stuff]
What got me was Soni could tell us almost to the gram how much they need each month to survive....she did not know what we would be suggesting; she is just that aware of what it takes to keep her family alive,
The groceries is a no strings attached offer- we will very much encourage the 2 younger kids stay in school and offer to train Anil in the textile business when he finishes year10/ reaches 16 and wants to work. His future would be much better than farm labouring.
We will see what can be done for Maya
and we mentioned to Soni she might liek to learn to stitch- work is available that would offer her a better and easier income than trying to do farm labouring.
as a woman with out an education there is nothing much else she can look at. That is a slow one and needs time to filter through....the need for a Women's Centre does keep coming up.....
Crying again thinking of Karlu and Soni, but she has just gone off with Sohan in the camel cart to get groceries...some silver lining might be peaking for her.

After talking with Soni- something to touch our hearts in a much lighter manner happened.....our animal shade house down the back was a failure Baba prefers the sun to it.... in our first courtyard one tree had died and needed to be removed and the beuatiful big shade tree which does harbour a million ants got in Parveen's sights as well and was cut down. Boy have I been giving him a hard time about ruining my courtyrad so the local guys- about 14 of them came and lifted the roof off the shade house and transported it into the courtyrad, with some pot plants and garden funiture it will be a nice spot and Praveen is right no ants [or less ants- this is India!] to annoy you.
It was too dark to take a video but it was so funny all i could see was this enourmous roof moving and lots a legs and everyone putting their two bobs worh in directing. nice community spirit.

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