Sunday, July 08, 2012

Fun and Hopes

 We are having a fun week end with a group of students from UTS Sydney. They are fashion design students and spending 3 weeks in a residency Delhi with Happy Hands it is a mutual training situations- the students bring ideas, information, observations of trends and styles, The artisans teach them their skills and then they develop projects together. Such an inspiring initiative.

 A bit of fun local style- here there is nothing like camel ride to our place, dinner cooked traditionally over the fire , gypsy dancers and fire eaters. Last night was even more fun.
The cook Hokmar got all keen and up to dance for everyone, which got Kamal the fire eater going- they where brilliant dancing off against each other.

Young Maya update-
many tests and nothing much to report all within the normal range except extremely, extremely aneamic.
Talking with the doctor- it leaves one more test- bone marrow aspirations to be done in Jaipur. Then we gave the doctor a little more history of the family and their circumstances over the last many years. There is some chance it is malnutrition related so for the next 2 weeks we are feeding her up on protein shakes and iron suppliments,  our Matilda the cow milk and farm eggs.
If we see an improvement - fantastic.
If not the next round of testing might reveal scary info. Send good hopes for her :)

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Ginny Huber said...

Sounds like a great time with and for the UTS students...and hope all the protein shakes and eggs get little Maya's body stronger.