Friday, July 06, 2012

hot, hot, hot

and whinging.....whining and being miserable.
I was on a real roll a few weeks ago but the heat has finally overtaken me, have notthe strength to shake it off and keep going I want to lie under the fan, pray for the electricity to be strong enough to run the AC and wait for it all to pass.

I send apologies to all those I have been slow to write to, those I am working on ideas with and I hope to soon recover, stop melting and have a brain again and a bubble of is hard for me when enthusiasm flags I am so used to being into it all.

The kids in Delhi have had start of school put back a week due to the heat- if you listen carefully you will be able to hear Monish and Mohid groan from there- another week in the country with us they could have had....

Some of our Stitching Ladies are on a special mission- it involves white fabric- elaborate care and a special marker that fades in time to mark out the lines- well instead of 2 days it is now fading in half and hour which is causing a few hiccups....chalk marking is not as good as it is hard to easily completely remove afterwards....ladies are in front of the aircooler and fan which makes things good for them but still pen problem.
Ogg well sorry to dump my whinges on you.....I feel a bit like a big baby moaning but really this heat wave is the pits.
Praveen says no naked rain dances in the back garden- Ok for him to dance under the hose connected to the well water in his underpants- men in India can do that but a ladt should be suitably atired.
Lately it has been too hot even for eyeliner so clothes are a real effort.
OHH give me half a chance I am moaning again.
OK I am off to wring the drips off and do something useful!!!
then I will be full of [hot] satisfaction
may your temperature be moderate today :)

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