Thursday, July 05, 2012

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 Only been in our home 2 years and finally we are getting to a little about Indian time!!
We have a group of Stdents from UTS we are hosting over the week end so it is a good excuse to fix up a few things to make them welcome....this is a link to the project they are involoved in
 Antique hearts I bought in the Clocktower antique market in the entrance to the house....we are a pair of soppy romantics and happer with each other each day [ well except the days I get hit by menopausal screaming meanies...but I do try and be sweet through them....I do try] and he still loves me even then.
 It was a sweet start  to the day and good; later we picked up Karlu's Mum Soni and took her and Maya along to the wonderful Dr Gupta of Pushkar. We checked with him yesterday -if he minded us bringing people in need and he was great. When he has time he is happy to treat poor local people gratis. He then arranged an immediate examination for Maya at a private hospital in Ajmer.
 Asking about the public service he said whilst it is supposed to be free for the poor, it might or might not come about they get treatment. Maya's condition looked to him to need immediate looking into, she is serverely aneamic, has swollen internal organs and who knows what else.
Mum was in tears telling the story of husband dying, son Karlu dying a few weeks ago and Maya's condition has  been waiting for over 6 months now to have something done about it.

As the day wore on and things started to happen Soni started to look releaved and happy
Poor Maya who had started out all chrupy at the adventure became tired, and a bit subdued being the centre of attention and much prodding and poking. Blood tests are never fun.
From the sonogram she has a very enlarged liver and spleen, more tests tomorrow and we should then get a diagnosis . Pray for them, cross finger or what ever- good thoughts please.

Young Anil is fairly ovbliivious to the seriousness of the tests it was just a big adventure- good to have his smiles.
I feel for the family and am anxious for young Maya, may the morning bring rain and good news for us all.

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