Monday, July 23, 2012

Young Maya Update

Can't describe how pleased I am-
Took young Maya into the doctor today with great trepidation....2 weeks of protein suppliments, iron suppliments, milk from our Matilda cow and fresh eggs- would there be an improvemnet or scary tests?
Definite positive signs!!! Liver and spleen showing signs of shrinking towards normal and she has a pinkness to her tongue and eye lids. All be praised!!!
I was so relieved I burst into tears!
2 more weeks and we check again- mystery as to why but who cares and we keep a careful watch.

Every day she visits to pick up the milk, she is such a sweet little soul always cheerful- I have had such a niggling worry about her - keep praying, fingers crossed etc- it is looking good :)

A very big yeh!!!!!

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Ginny Huber said...

Good news about little maya. Keeping fingers crossed from here!