Thursday, August 02, 2012

 It seems t have been one of those weeks- running around, doing heaps and also not getting much done???
How does that work?
Our ditributor in Australia is going great guns, she has added 2 new stockists of Pukka Desirables to our list- very happy.
It means we get Ladies into a stitching frenzy....when we are waiting for sales and orders we still need to keep ladies working to be fair t othem but we dole work out by the spoonful.  When we know what we want it means we can be more generous with work loads.
 We have found best work comes when we give just enough to keep women busy for about a week and then we need to meet again, pay them and give new work...if we give them a few weeks worth of work at once, focus does not seem to be there in the same way [I think it gets left in the corner a while and then a mad frenzy - time has passed and they have nothing to bring- so rush, rush, quality out the door]
Weekly we are always in their mind.
This is a new quilt idea we have been playing with- can I say it makes my heart sing :).
Re-cycled sari silk one side, hand spun, hand woven cotton on the back. Cosy; a living, life filled  heirloom- combining a few women's work each block is a joy to run oyur eye over and appreciate.
We have a few more variations on this theme starting to take shape, some variations of this design idea, some more more graphic and some incorporating block print on one side.....
exciting thinking them up and now working on who will be suited to stitch which idea.
Different women definitely have fortes so we try and funnel what they do best to them, as best it suits our programme.
All our work will now be labeld with the gentleman who machined it and the Ladies who stitched it alive.

Happy Raksa Bandan to you [Brothers and Sisters Day] a very special day here in India- lots of sparkly trinkets exchanged and topped off with mountians of sweets- rather yum

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