Wednesday, August 08, 2012

a little rain at last

 Finally after 6 weeks of monsoon and no rain we finaaly have a soft shower falling. What a relief, perhaps not a lot but better than nothing.
This is the lake in Ajmer -I know they are hard to see but there are flamingos in them thar waters!! I find that so exciting- quite a magical bird and they come to a lake near me- wow!
You know the Universe is there to support you, just get over your stuff and let it help you out.
I have been wishing for a stitching assistant for a while, someone to help me stitch samples so I have things to give my ladies to follow when we start a new idea. I am always running out of time and my poor old hands go into cramps....blah, blah, blah.
Sanju who comes to the workshop everyday is smart and flexible but she is busy at the moment on a big special order. Praveen and I have our eye on her, we know she will make a great woman's work co-ordinator one day as know when we have more space, have built up our work loads etc.
At this point of getting there I have to be patient and keep stitching myself.
Do you know what the Universe has done? sent me another Fiona- how amazing. A lovely woman who is a dear friend of a friend just wanted to come to India and relax for a while and stitch. What better could we have asked for?
We are all happy, making smaples, hanging out, visiting Stitching Ladies and when new handloom comes in we are planning to head over to Nandu's and  block print.
happy, happy times.
these little UFO pin cushions will be a great way to use up our stitched scraps and teaching pieces and with a business card attached will be great to give out when we do a Trade Fair next year.
lots of things happening as ever.
May your day be flled with creativity and satisfaction and may the Universe help you out too.

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