Saturday, August 18, 2012

Jaipur, work, rain and thankfully sunshine again..

 It is less than a week since I was there taking this picture- warm sunny-ish and a lovely day wandering with our visiting Fiona. City Papalce in Jaipur is even more spectacular than I remember...and the textiles much, much more fun when you have a companion to drool with over things [not that we shared drool!! mind you ...ohh I will give that up now before it sounds anymore weird- you know what I mean] Great to have a night away as well, Praveen and I have not doen that fro so long....and then returning on the Sunday evening it started to rain
and rain....and rain.
To me it felt like longer than the Great Flood- much longer - I must admit when I counted up the days it was less than 4 days of grey and rain- house flooding rain, workshop seeping into type rain.
What can I say I am an over acheiver...I get SAD syndrome very quickly even, no sunshine and even when it is life giving rain it is hard to aprreciate above a half hour sunshower.
 Always working on systems and trying to organize ourselves- sometimes we succeed and some things we need to keep working on.
This one is on the win list- everything we make in our workshop has a tag attched and everyone who works on the item autographs....thwn at the end we can acknowledge everyone involed. Makes us happy and I think gives a face to those who work hard making you things to wear or use in your home. Explained this to our Stitching Ladies and they were very happy, in the past when we have taken pictures we have explained this is for promotion so people will know who made their lovely goodies.
 Also been really trying to team build- all of us depend on each other to amke good work, any one thing that slips through less than wonderful could impact on all of us having more work. [As a business we have a policy- anything you are nothappy with we will make better or replace- BUT we would really like things to be great first time around]

 this is our new idea starting to bare fruit but in such a rush to get it finished and packed so our Australian Distributor Jennifer Hyland could get her hands on it we hardly had time to oooh and aaaahhh over it  oursleves. Reversible- not sure which side is my favourite...

We have been helping Gillian Travis by making flower kits for her....a few hiccups in the process but we finally got a few boxes out in time for her to have them at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, and then unbelievably our courier did something weird and only half arrived on her doorstep in time_ Talk about a few choice words on my part- he might not understand a lot of english but I think he got the picture. Anyway they are a complete success- so happy for her, all she has have walked out the door- check out her website if you want some of the next bacth to arrive....
Just never ending running it seems...we have done a lot this week- my office looks exploded with sending out work, my other Fiona doing some great samples for me and then moving things to avoid to restore order, work on our systems more and take a few minutes to enjoy the returned sunshine.
Baba is here delivering a shelf for my office- better storage always helps
see you later Fi

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