Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catalogue time...

Just talking to my mate and there are lots of things she has not seen yet...I was trying to describe what will be in our catalgue...so Dawn here are a few quick pics, next week we will have a go at improving them somewhat...

We had a real Rosalie Gasgoigne moment with type...I love the idea these quilts are for dreaming under....and scattered with aspirations that are universal.
All crazy here but headway is being made.
Finally received the written invitation to the show yesterday with a phone book worth of instructions- thankfully in English [or Indian English which is sometimes a mystery to me]
Post arrived at 4.15 pm...last date for payment was yesterday....frantically got a payment through on-line so hope it is acceptable.

We finally know where we will be located....It appears we have a corner stall on the first corner you come to as you enter Hall 9.- what a score!! should be the best exposure in Hall 9...thank you Ganesha...you had us worried about obstacle removing, silly of us to doubt....
Now hopefully we have things that take some buyers eye :)


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