Tuesday, February 05, 2013

a lovely distraction...

All is a little mad here, in a surprisingly organized way, and we had a lovely distraction arrive yesterday....a group of Kiwis and token Ozzie tripping around India.
Keen textile people they had a lovely time ferriting through all our stuff. A few things were off limits because of the Trade Show but for the rest of it I did not need to feel guilty about the mess as it was like Christmas for them wading through and having a look.

Our stitched scarves and jackets are always a winner and fun for dressing up - it was really pleasing to see the big WOW response we receieved for some of our new cushion designs....whew! makes us feel better jumping off the edge and testing to waters at the Trade Show.
There always has to be a first time for everything.

Having people for dinner, of course there is the opportunity ot get gypsy dancers in....fun.
we asked along Nandu as well for a night out for her- she might be a quiet block print lady by day but by night she is an enthusiastic dancer- what a laugh  :)
and our little Radhi is currently a puppy- grogeous boy showing off a new pouffe design.

OK fingers crossed- we leave early tomorrow for Delhi and the trade show- may we be blessed with sales and orders.

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