Thursday, August 08, 2013

in the shop...

 Madly working on new samples, putting things in our shop and getting ready for our busy tours season...just after it is Trade Fair time...we need lots of new work to show...but will be busy in trying to get in advance!!
 Really happy with these, Mumtah, our new machine lady can take them on .... happy to be able to get a woman on machines. We had Madu before but she wondered off. Take a peak at our new shop Big Cartel gives a much nicer presentation than what I tried before...slowly loading it up.....LOOK AT OUR NEW SHOP
Don't your eyes just go - ooooh shiny? Or is it just me and living in India too long. haha.

 Still working on new ideas...placemats using silk ribbon- colour is gorgeous, they can be spot cleaned ...what do you think?
might do bags as well....hmmm I love the look.
Colour is more luscious than this pic but you get the idea.
Got another idea brewing as well....calling then Happy Hippy Bags...these are the key chains....
makes me happy, happy :)
Hope you are too

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