Friday, August 30, 2013

Help, help, help...

We are finally working on our shop again....the camera had too much dust in it and has not been taking clear pictures for a while...
Praveen my shopping queen bought first me and now himself the latest Samsung smart phones and even though I initially did whinge [a lot it must be admitted, not small but big] I have to admit they are brilliant.
Pictures are so much better than the camera even when it was new.
As you can see they look pretty good.

and we have found a spot where the light is good too...under our noses after, buying lights and painting a room only for electricity out or thin too often,
traipsing around the house and the neighbourhood looking for the right spot. In the year of the workshop, under the tree over the spot for the Gods is the perfect place to take pictures.

 But....yes but...just when it looked fine- when we load them to the Big cartel shop, they come up sideways!!!!

does anyone know?
we have tried all the different settings we can see on the phone, size, picture style... we have tried putting the picture sideways on the computer and loading
what ever we do they load sideways,
if I upload them to the blog or FB I can then save them from there and they will load to the shop properly...just a lot of fiddling around.

If you have any suggestions please send them through
otherwise a few valium might be nice- this is driving me nuts!!
Just joking there- about sending valium- yes I am going I am focusing on the shop- it is starting to look flash....
oh and if I have not mentioned it before here is a link

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