Saturday, August 31, 2013

time in between

I'm in between up loading and down loading and up loading again.... Praveen is doing an amazing on the photographs...a bit of a slow start but now we have the location sorted and the way to stage the garments...and I think having bling to decorate actually...he is onto it.
It  is a little bit breezy so a bit of a challenge and I still have to load to FB before I can put on the shop [why ohh why???]
 But progress is being happy with the "look" and our people's work I think it is coming up rather well

 New cotton scarf idea [ mad sample making too- to  have things to show at the Garment Trade show in January is happening as well.] Generous cotton scarf [200 x 80 cm] hand colour washed in pigment ink , tassels and a row of jumbo cross stitch....will be great to wrap up in winter or use as a cover up at the beach.
Love this bling heart- it shines with all the light around here....may love and light be with you too.

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