Thursday, August 29, 2013

Viper app...

My mate has finally retired the pigeon and got a smart phone- it such fun - we use Viper app and can send pictures and chat back and forth - we have always talked a lot about what we are doing, the kids, our latest idea and apart from my kids being so far away, being away from her has been one of the few difficulties of living in India.
so such fun....
this morning I wrote : tell me it is slow there....I want to know somewhere in the world it is slow....
she sent me a picture of the front dam....ooohhh shanti, shanti :)

Praveen downloaded all the pictures from the last week off my phone yesterday and I popped them on FB...once I looked through them I could not believe this was only 6 wonder my head is swirling and twirling inside.
Been great, I had to go to Delhi for samples...we had visitors arriving from far afield with a great interest in textiles [private trip organized by Creative Arts Safaris] so I combined the 2 and tucked them under my wing for one day of searching. Great because I stopped and peaked in places I would have flown past and I love the chance to share things we have found and some of the wonder and mayhem of India

we hit a silk sari shop- wow!

 we popped into a fabric shop- piles of rich brocades....
 I needed to look and they were happy to be dragged through braid shops....what can I do with these- they are so yummy!
Home again and up to Bagru to get some of our lovely musru silk /cotton into indigo and natural iron black...such fun I had to hop on the back of Baburam-ji motor bike a few times to wiz around the village searching other people's block stashes.
By this time our guests had been to the Taj, Jaipur and other wondrous places and caught up with us...blockprint workshop with Nandu and a day's adventure out to Gaffer's weaving workshop.
Good time again- we needed to go see Gaffer to work on an idea, the young women accompanying us [textile student traveling with her Dad- so nice] was really interested and spent ages on the loom. Praveen was able to gossip in Hindi a few times -young women at University...I think because it all seemed so proper - she was being escorted by her Papa, it would help the idea of girls and school sink in  better. Young women travelling alone and village people see the female alone more than hear the fact she is studying...
Ok off soap box
 Colour samples for some mats- re-cycled ladies veils, bright and bold patch worked into  mats. What do you think- great for a picnic spread out on the beach or under a tree...hmmm
Easy to wash and because they are polyester the colour will stay bold.
In amongst all this we have been audited for recognition by a ethical standards group here in India [ no names until it is all finalised...but I can brag a little in between]. The auditor was really impressed with the way our Stitching Ladies are so motivated and involved in our business and what we are doing. It was so wonderful to hear that observation.
He also had some suggestions - still trying to fathom it all but around making a new legal structure more along the lines of a trust/ co-operative  it will feed into our social enterprise desires and be an umbrella for our library, Hope know what ever it is we are evolving.

We have a clear vision of wanting work that is satisfying for us and our gang, as well as supporting us and being able to increase the opportunities of those around we have to listen to the Universe and see how that will all come into being.
You merely need to ask a question and listen
listen carefully, the Universe answers but there is no fanfare
it ain't always easy
but it isn't too hard either
you have to let it unfold and follow the clues and see where it takes you.

life can be great!
yes even on those days you are so busy with good things you think you might explode or implode?? no time to decide :)


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