Thursday, August 15, 2013

Indian Independence Day

67 years ago India achieved independence from British rule -  largely through nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience, an admirable way to achieve their ends.
Here a few pics of festivities in Delhi...all the kids were off to school this morning as everyone holds celebrations and presentations and then heads home again, with the afternoon off.
67 years later the country is the world's largest democratic society and still working hard at bringing all here into the future of the country....slowly, slowly inroads are being made against poverty, malnutrition, lack of is a huge task, they received back a county bursting with people, largely rural poor, uneducated and  they had no rupees  in their coffers.
A country full of many smaller kingdoms, languages, religions...a heck of a lot to pull together but slowly, slowly or more lately quicker things are really changing, happening.
Good on ya India.

 Lovely soft rain has been falling for days....good rain this year stretching out slowly out- last year it was literally 2 heavy showers and washed a lot away.
I am chomping at the bit to be able to get out and about though...we need to chase sari man for more saris...we want to start some new block printing dye ideas,  new fabric painting ideas.... we are having a stall at the next Indian International Garment Fair in Delhi in January.
Nothing like a deadline to focus you on the goal post....and we have tours and visits to be away in between so ...going like crazy!
Pretty exciting though I have been madly doing lots of detailed office work for tours ad it just about all up to date.
Not my most favourite occupation...but we are slowly training Sagir our office guy do a lot more of the fiddly detail work- big, big yeh! and it is necessary for things to run properly...the carrot of course is running away on tour!!

At the trade fair we need to strut our stuff to look for orders or catch the eye of clients who want to commission us to make things for it has been great [ and sleepless menopause nights mean I have a lot of time to think- Praveen does not appreciate it if I do that too loudly and NO I may not wake him if I have a brilliant idea!] we will have new things labelled The Stitching Project and new things for Tasty Old Chooks Clothes....clients who buy our work can of course request to use their own names on it. So keep an eye on our FB pages TOCC and TSP for our experiments and soon, soon, soon our shops will start to fill up as well -TOCC and TSP. I am really happy with the bigcartel look just need to utilize it now....
These are some funny pictures we took clowning around at The Alhambra...just came across them and had to laugh again... bookings are open for  Moorish Delights of Andalusia and Morocco 2014 and already we have people on the bus- another yippee!! Very pleasing...makes the office work worthwhile.

Haha, had to laugh yesterday. Praveen is responsible for packing and sending orders for our Etsy shop and other shops....raining and he was stuck in the office and ended up spending hours going through our bags of 'filed' stuff and sorting it into a better system...low and behold there were lots of things squirreled away under other things...and with no escape he had to sort it.... now our shops is brimming again and we have a proper inventory for what is ready to go into the shop and all is in labelled bags- he slept well last night :)

always good to feel you are getting on top of things

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