Saturday, September 07, 2013

lists, lists, lists

Lists, lists and lists are happening.
We have garment Trade Fair in January and
Home wares trade fair in February much to many ideas to can explore...
really I have to limit them more than anything else.
we need to present a theme so the booths hang together and not look a riot.
hence the lists and lists...first ideas and then how do they go together?
Good thing is we have the workshop and many hands so as long as we can get our head around things there are people to help us make them happen.
 First job everyday is to feed this gang. Part of the garden now has a wall- re-inforced with pot plants on the outside to Madam Lali can't push it over...babies were clearly unhappy in the chicken hutch so they are out as well, and have to be very fast to get food before the big ones walk all over them and eat it all up!
 Amusing to watch everyone. The babies look like over sized lady beetles rather than small tortoises somehow. would not surprise me if they stretch wings and fly.
The garden at work has been strewn with piles of saris as we mix and match for new ideas...I love re-cycled saris -once we have found them and I have got the washing done- I can hand them over to the guys who press and make yummy things we have dreamed up - like gloating there- we work very hard for those minutes.
 Pinterest is so useful to horde or should that be hoard? images of what is happening in the outside world and I have discovered the idea Lagenlook- here is a good little definition....pretty much sums up how I like to dress and where we want to go with our Tasty Old Chooks and The Stitching Project stuff....collecting up images means I can run through what I have seen easily and show Praveen...he has a good eye and so we can work out together just what to try next- fun .
 We lost the bag clip place in Delhi we usually go to...I spent hours, hot sweaty hours on a recent jaunt looking for them - now we have them a whole heap of cool clasps and things for some these clutch blanks with diamant√© skull clips-...could not think of how they would go with our aesthetic but I want one!
Very successful feel to yesterday's trip and we put in another visa application for Australia- making doubly sure everything was right- fingers crossed this time we can visit Australia together...process is doubly difficult than the French visa application - what is it with them???
Anyway we live in hope :)

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