Sunday, September 15, 2013

A bit of a lather!

Sunday...good intention is to take it a bit slow....
failing miserably! well happily actually.
we are going like the clappers at the moment samples for us The Stitching Project, samples for us Tasty Old Chooks Clothes both to got to Indian Garment show trade fair in January,  samples for Zac and us Watts Wright Designs and TSP stuff to take to the home wares trade show in February...and then heaps of work for other clients all starting to build up. we can manage everything just got to keep paddling to keep on track.. [ ooh a real mixed metaphor but you get it?]

Praveen and I feel all abuzz and excited actually...this is dreams come true stuff.
We have our workshop where we work happily together, we have students coming here for 2 weeks to use the studio, we have our Rajasthan tour following that.....and we do hope to be going to Oz in December.
Another spanner has been thrown in the works of that one...another visa decline.
Very interesting about the visa things...we applied for visa to Europe- it was clearly defined all the information we needed to show. Half a tree of business registration, bank statements, tickets etc...a clear list to tick which we did, then money was paid over after the girl had seen we had everything and low and behold the visa was granted and the passport delivered to Mr Kanhaya Lal - Praveen's official name as he sat sipping tea with his Mum 2 days later.
When the courier arrived he had to think twice, he was not expecting anything official for weeks and his nickname Praveen is most often heard in the house.....but there it was - we spent the rest of the day checking to see it was true.

Applying for an Australian visa, the first thing they look at is the money- do you have it?...then it is a matter of giving them whatever paperwork you think they might like to see. There is no clear indication as to what it might be... you have to might get it right or you might get it wrong...if you miss something there are no questions asked , you are rejected.
You might like to take another stab in the dark and apply again- do pay up first.
If you like to have the decision questioned you may go before the Migration Review Board -pay $1605 first and then they will eventually review it-you send whatever paperwork you think they might like- no requirements given. If they decide to approve it you will be given half the money back if they do not decide to approve it- they keep all your money. What do you think the odds are of getting approval??
We only want a tourist visa to visit the kids and friends, we never want to live there, we will pay our way and we will leave on time. We have things to do back home in India, we love India....ooohhh I can start to loose my cool if I think on it to much.
Monday though I am starting in again to take another stab in the dark to apply- fingers crossed. Boy will the enquiry lines run hot...squeaky wheel will hopefully yield results.
I am Australian and this is an attitude of my country I hate!! It is a beautiful country, full of great people but we/they have let bureaucracy take over...quite mindless.

Anyway my little happiness for the morning- this sample is working.....a BIG list has be drawn up....much to do...and I might have a new idea brewing....
Stitching Ladies later as well- always fun to see them... life is good

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