Saturday, September 14, 2013

Everything is a happen'

 We have been here, there and back again....Praveen is still an active part of the community in Delhi [our biggest girl Pretti will marry next year so it is an important time to maintain networks according to Indian custom] It was time for the Ram Devra banners were put up [ yes that is Praveen's picture blazon across it....taken a few years ago I would say...although I am not allowed to mention that!! He is 29 forever- along with my best mate and daughter-in-law] ???
So banners were hung, food organized to be distributed to the hungry and a march with music and dancing through Old Delhi...he arrived home rather tired :)

 Our nephew Sunny [ last time I had pictures of him  he had just competed in Mr India competition and looked gaunt- not an ounce of fat on him just pure muscle] it is so nice to see him looking healthy again...although it has all paid off he worked as a personal trainer in Delhi and made a good nest egg, now has 2 hotels...He has just been staying with us for a while - he has decided to buy a farm nearby. He will get a manager to look after it and the good thing for us is he will be down regularly to visit it and us - yeh. 
 French dreams abound- this just turned up in the this fabric...we are working on designing blocks to print some of our own Indian inspired fabric along these lines. Can't you see Baba the camel and Pushkar immortalised on cloth?
 I am so proud of my schooling has left him shy of books and trying to read...well that is changing a lot...this was in the block carvers workshop and Praveen just picked it up and started leafing through it- well done- boy!! he has a great mind- I read itineraries out to him and he finds all my glitches and with encouragement - either gentle or snarls he can read the itineraries himself even... but to look relaxed and pick up a book- wow. The new one this morning was the same.
 We have just got a whole stash of fabric back from Bagru and lots of new blocks - here is a photo album
Just ordered him a copy for us to use .

Bit of a glitch this week with the kids we have in school...maybe we were just being over ambitious thinking with our encouragement we could make a big difference. They started and the first month both turned up every day, we have maintained regular contact with the teacher who ahs been great giving extra lessons to help catch them up because they are so far behind...but last month they miss more days than they go. The teacher has rung Mum and all types of vague stories...we have tried to touch base and again vague stories and we can never meet up.
Disappointing. we have put it out there and school has as well attendance is necessary but much more of this and they are finished with us.
We work really hard to earn our money, we are both committed to using some of it to help our community and will make sure we do it where it does the most good. This isn't it.

it is the same attitude we have with our stitching business- we want it fair and fun for all...we are happy to train people, we are happy to work hard to provide continuous work but if it ain't fun, we have to grumble too much for that to happen - we are happy for people to find other work options...luckily we are surrounded by people who like our attitude.
Our old car is slowly, slowly falling to pieces- we love this car. we bought it together 9 years ago and it has taken us all over the country but retirement is near. I have been suggesting perhaps she could house a mobile library.
Books have always been my solace and with information you can learn anytime. There are no libraries here, no where near enough books for kids to enjoy....we're trying to make a small difference in our community....just finding our path.
It is so hot today my mind is not working....I think I am going to go home, put the AC on and read a lazy until I start to get itchy to DO something...might be a while.


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