Sunday, September 08, 2013

a binge ?

 Sunday, trying to make a bit of a Sunday and steer clear of paperwork...of course I am at the workshop as we don't really have weekends.... but today is just for fiddling around and playing with things,

Yesterday I walked into Papu-ji's cutting room and realised I may have been on a binge....I felt like a junkie who  had slipped off the wagon and just noticed.....silks sari everywhere!!
We have a lot going on and will use them all up... I just got a big surprise seeing so many...there is more under both tables as well.
Bulging with sari's is the only way to describe it...
This is the view from my desk- photo board with pictures of kids, mates, my beautiful Grandparents looking on...things we are making the fire we went around ....places Praveen and I have been, family holiday us with the kids...such a pleasure to remember and look forward to the next instalment- Ganesha remove obstacles and let it be in Australia [ yeh visa is weighing on my mind]
wearing my new to today....added a wider external facing on the neck- like the look...this is in a lovely soft cotton we get from the wholesaler...think it would be great in our hand spun handloom fabric so will do another sample in that and then had to decide. Love, love , love the handloom though and it embodies all we hold dear so think it will win.
I used to see myself as an artist and work at my practice every day; every breath, every though really...I loved landscape and sense of place and most of my exploration was around that....wanting to do some new cushion covers and wanted to explore some of the designs that arose from my artwork using abilities we have here.... then trying to think of how to present this to our women.
They will follow what I ask, but really for these it would probably look a little flat...I want a sense of movement and nuances to the stitch.
I love black and white at the moment and that is boring around here as well.
I so appreciate the auditors comment about being impressed with our women's engagement with our work....we want that. To have it noticed though really made Praveen and I happy.
then during the 3.00am sleeplessness I thought- how about using Diwali and fireworks as the inspiration? centre the stitch from middle of each piece and designate a palette for them to use and hopefully it will lend a playfulness to the stitch and it will explode out of the cushion cover....happy, happy now.
Bloody generator is running this morning- impacts on Sunday peacefulness but electricity will return soon- I am off to spend the day stitching and working on the next sample for having papu-ji there to do the fiddly stuff like make patterns and stitch samples...I can think of the next idea, draw lists for the workshop TO DO, daydream a bit
Ohhh Sundays :)- enjoy.
Almost feel I should add RIP Australia- new MP and his attitudes are an embarrassment to anyone with heart and any chance for the average bloke in Oz.

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