Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blogging about ethical fashion

I missed it by a day....
mostly because I was leading a tour group to experience the hands on aspects of ethical fashion....or is that just making excuses for being late?
So anyway Ms Wanda has been working hard to round up internet people and push to get the idea out about the importance of being aware of how your clothes are made.
You may have heard me mention similar ideas over time?
Living in India where there is not a lot of fair trade, and there is a lot of exploitation of workers it is so obvious about what we speak most any person with even the smallest heart would get it....but we are right there amongst the issue and most who are the consumer at the other end are far, far away and not seeing the reality also don't see the need for a remedy.....
Think about it.
From your work do you expect to earn enough to feed and house yourself, luxury of luxuries send your kids to school, have medical care......just by the way meant a weather proof 10 x 10 FOOT room.....
Do you expect the work you do is in a safe environment, you have a functioning toilet to use and fresh water to get paid on time and are not some type of indentured servant or slave?
That is the type of fair trade I am thinking of.
Find out where your clothes and shoes and bags came might get rather a nasty shock.
I have not checked this out yet but it could be helpful a tool to help check where your stuff came from.

Ok peacocks are starting to call, I am in Jaipur, tour group are lovely and we are off to mud resist indigo workshop today....yeh. FB page Creative Arts Safaris has pictures....
all is running, running, running and fun


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