Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tour is just about to start.

We are collecting people and all will start to roll tomorrow morning- yippee I love being on tour!
 My mate Dawn arrived early so been dragging her all over Delhi as I did a bit of The Stitching Project work before the group arrive....also a chance to grab the kids and do a bit of sightseeing and hanging out.
 Fun with our boys at Humayan' s Tomb- it is all newly restored and beautiful. A World Heritage site it is looking squeeze a bit of history education into hanging out!

and then an outing always has an obligatory stop at India Gate...last night it was condoned off so all you get is zooming buses in the back ground....ohh well. A giggle.
I have just signed up to
On 16 October bloggers around the world will come together to talk about fashion and human rights as part of Blog Action Day. Join the consortium of ethical fashion bloggers to be part of the conversation. Sign up now to be part of the Human Friendly Fashion Bloggers' Consortium.
The consortium already spans India, Australia, Canada and the UK, and hundreds more are expected to take part in Blog Action Day more widely. It is a chance to create a noise about fashion and human rights. 
The Human Friendly Fashion Bloggers' invite you, whether you're a blogger, or a ethical fashion company that runs a blog, to take part. Joining the consortium is free, and there are lots of great resources to help you get involved on the day itself, including the Human Friendly Fashion Outfit Competition, which you can enter as part of the day.
All consortium members will be listed on our campaign's page, and we'll be re-tweeting as many links to blogs about human rights and fashion on the day as we can.
I got the link through The Ethical Fashion Forum who are a group with their head screwed on straight so it should be interesting....let's wait and see

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