Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Travelling time...

 Being on tour in India I am reminded how amazing this place is....all the wonderful treasures like the Taj Mahal and palaces are rather fine but our real treasure are the people here.
 Yesterday we visited the women's group Gramshree based in the slum of Ahmedabad they work to create a place of peace for women, where they can rest, work, share their experiences, get health care etc in a veritable jungle of a world. Above is Radhra their women's centre....later we visited their production unit where work is designed, cut assembled as packs and distributed to women in their home to work on.....
The quality of their work is fabulous, the vibe it carries even better.
What I did not realise is that Gramshree is an off shoot of the work caring people do at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad another place so inspiring to visit....
Tassels on a new scarf I bought from Gramshree....in India a bit of bling is necessary and these really meet the need.
The world is an amazing place, full of amazing people....what are you going to do today to add to that?
Nothing much is necessary- a smile, a warm thought, a helping hand, making an informed choice about where you buy your stuff...it all goes a long way.

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