Sunday, January 19, 2014

India International Grament Fair here we are!!

Well one chilly but beautiful start and drive to Delhi, done and dusted
 Sagir squeezed in down the back...teach him to hitch a lift with us! We had to drop him off in Jaipur to pick up supplies actually...just a bit squishy.
 just a picture of stitching and me bored in the car- no way Praveen will let me put pictures on FB all day.... and then had time when we hit Delhi....did you see what I wrote...I had time to fiddle around and do little...been so long I almost did not know what was happening, so I ran over to Khan Market and hit my favourite bookshop and my favourite coffee shop...lovely afternoon.
off early today to set up but first something sweet for new beginnings

 Macaroons from said lovely coffee shop. Praveen and I know macrons now- much research in France and they made in Delhi would give any we tried a serious run for their money.
 Yeh we are here
Hall 12 stall 18- come say hi!!
 hope to have crowds like this lining up tomorrow
Car waiting and empty......
free time again this afternoon, my pile of books and waiting for a new day to dawn
bye :)

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