Friday, January 24, 2014

Trade Show all shown

 Well we finally got there, thought we did a pretty good job with our stall and then it was chatting, showing, watching what people looked at.....
sending follow up emails
talking, talking and now waiting to confirm orders.
 this bit of fun caught a few eyes
 so did this idea
 People loved our floor mats- recycled polyester veils that the village...really they were there to set the mood but happy to sell them. More work for more people.
People also loved our coathangers- they were boring cheap metal coat hangers we wrapped [ OK Manju actually] in ripped sari
they did look cool.

 Toiletries bag got a good look in
 Car trip meant a lot of crocheting....
 Sitting at the fair I got some time to stitch on a new bag piece...Papu-ji I thought I could make 2 but you have to be kidding I only got through 3/4 of one....
bit silly by the time to pack up and go home, exhausted but happy lots of good responses, lots of emails sent out today, waiting for orders to roll in,
and now trying to catch up with myself and get onto quilt samples and home wares to finish off for 3 weeks away...and of course the handicraft Export Council has yet to confirm our presence at their fair...they do like to make you sweat!!

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