Saturday, January 25, 2014

Socially Responsible Tourism

 Socially Responsible Tourism- does that sound a bit like brown rice?? Healthy but not necessarily the most tasty?
It is not you know- the term popped into my head this morning as I was plotting and planning for tours...I have to get it off my to do list so I can get stuck into quilt obsessions. [yep still too busy when the obsessions have to take a number and line up for attention].
Largely that is the type of visit we organize for people and the response is one of inspiration and upliftment.
People can and do do wonderful things, an idea can reach very far and we are privileged to know a number of such people and groups.
We are really happy to make the connections for you our guests.
and been mad keen textile people that is the place to find the nicest and best made contemporary work around!!
Our mates at Conserve India are showing in New York...simply fantastic....
and they have a great promotion going at the moment for students...see their blog

OK back to fossicking through fabrics, ripped saris
had to laugh yesterday I am dragging fabrics all over the place as I sort out a look for some quilt samples....Praveen is laughing and waiting until I settle on something, Papu-ji is scratching his head trying to keep up....
I have always loved traditional American quilt patterns and know I could not possibly stand the making of them...I am so messy. So have contented myself with looking and being inspired by them.
I saw an exhibition at The American Quilt Museum once showcasing some of their historic quilts on one side and a contemporary exhibition on the other side inspired by said historic quilts....loved the position.
At the moment  playing with a simple 9 patch arrangement on a big scale....will see what comes of it.
 Found these gorgeous hand painted cupboards in a workshop on the way to Delhi...can't wait to bring some home...always wanted a cupboard of quilts....and it will be a great way to present our pop up shop at home. That is the line I am giving Praveen anyway. We just have to have some.
Back to ferreting around now- bye

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